Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Tough Morning

WonderKid went to bed last night saying she didn't want to go to school tomorrow. She woke up this morning whining that she didn't want to go to school, she wanted to stay home with me. She cried putting on her jacket...she cried walking to the bus stop...she cried waiting at the bus stop...she bawled getting on the bus...and then I cried. It's a wonder my heart didn't shatter into a million tiny little pieces. I went on a run after the bus pulled off and I started bawling half way through it...I was trying to pray for WK. I know part of it was her being tired and wanting to stay home with me, but I think part of it was just seeing if she cried if I'd cave and not make her go. I think the novelty has worn off. I don't think Kindergarten is as much fun as Preschool was. I think she'd rather be having fun, than learning. Today is going to be a tough day. I'm not sure if I should let her nap though. Maybe putting her to bed earlier would be better. I want her to like school. I want her to enjoy learning. Not dread it like it's the plague.
Last night her teacher said that sometimes kids cry for their parents benefit. That they feel guilty for wanting to go to school. For wanting to learn things that their parents aren't teaching them. I really hope that's what this is. That she just feels guilty, that I can talk to her about. I just don't know if her teacher realizes how shy she is, what a sensitive heart she has. I know I baby her, but she's my baby!


Wynona said...

Mrs. Wonder!

I love your blog site and your attitude. You're so positive and happy! I should do more with my blog site, huh?

Maybe I'll post today and see if I can keep up. LOVE the whole Wonder name and play on it! That rocks. I'll have to check out your links!

Thanks for the comments! Nobody EVER comments!

Your daughter if BEAUTIFUL and I'm glad that she's doing great. BUT, she the WK!

tAnYeTTa said...

Ahh yes, Wonder Kid is winning! :) I loved this post. Her teacher is full of it. LOL