Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Un-funny comments

Mr.Wonder keeps making these comments about getting shot or blown up. He'll be talking about what he's going to do the last 3 years of his military career (we're going to go to a non-deployable unit and just chill out), then he'll stick, "that is if I don't get blown up first.." in there. That is so NOT FUNNY! He's always acted like he was never worried about this happening and he'd always tell me not to worry (yeah, like that would happen), that I'd be stuck with him forever. But now he slips these comments in every once in a while. Like he's preparing me or something. I DON'T LIKE IT!


tAnYeTTa said...
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tAnYeTTa said...

I don't like those kinds of comments either. I've told my husband the same thing, I don't like those kinds of comments. He says it's no different than someone driving down the street and gets into a major car accident and dies. Ummm hello, I think the military life does something to their brain cells :)