Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A book worth reading...

I read this book today (yes, the whole book). It's called Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, An invitation worth considering, by David Gregory. What a dynamite book!! I know I come on here all the time and plug books, but I got this one on a whim. I saw it in my MoPS magazine so I checked to see if the library had it. I wasn't, like, burning to read it or anything. Looked liked something to pass the time. Here's what the back cover says...What would you discuss over dinner with Jesus? That's the dilemma facing cynical but successful businessman Nick Cominsky when he accepts an invitation to join Jesus of Nazareth for dinner at a local restaurant. The man sitting across from him appears to be quite serious, introducing himself as "Jesus. My family called me Yeshua." Nick accepts his dinner companion's suggestion to suspend his disbelief and "proceed as if I am Jesus." What follows is a fascinating conversation that covers family relationships, world religions, and the afterlife, among other topics. Along the way, Nick confronts his own unfulfilled longings, spiritual uncertainties, and anger with God--and he begins to wonder is the man across form his holds the answers to his deepest questions. It's obviously fiction...but there is so much in there that I didn't know about my faith. Things that confirm stories from the Bible and a greater understanding of other faiths. I encourage all (whether you share my faith or not) to pick up this book. It's very short, about 150 pages. I think I'm going to have Hunny read it...he says there are things about my faith that he doesn't understand and I think that this book covers them all. It really is an awesome book. It's helped to give me a peek into the heart of Jesus and what he really wants from and for us. I really hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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