Friday, March 10, 2006

Not so sleepy night...

Last night was rough. Monkey kept getting up like every hour and half. I finally let her crash in our room till she was out, put her in her room and she was out for the rest of the night. Wish I'd thought of that before having to get up like 5 times. (The picture is old but I just think it's so funny how much alike those two are. It's crazy.) Thankfully I got a few hours in after that so I'm feeling okay for now. Still haven't showered yet. I hate those days when I know I have to do stuff but I just don't want to.


momofallboys said...

I hear ya I had to force myself to go out today after Derek left and go to Post office, micheals, joanns, drop off at goodwill center, mall and get gas. Had to do it all but really didn't want to.

Erna/Erin said...


Your daughter is sooo beautiful. She really is.