Friday, June 30, 2006

Be Back Soon...

I'm on vacation right now in Erie, Pa! "You gotta be quick! You gotta be quick with me, I'm from Erie, PA!" Little shout out to Boo there. =) I have some great pics and a nasty video that I can't wait to share but it'll have to wait until I get home (approximately near the 13th,) as I forgot to bring my USB thingy...yes I said thingy! We're having a good time hanging out with the fam and rye loves seeing her cousins. We'll be taking the big family picture for Emily's Christmas cards and I'm sure I'll get a few good ones of the 3 cousins. If anything ground breaking occurs I'll post it, but for now I must go! I always feel like such a bum if I spend too much time on the computer or watching TV when I'm here. I'll talk to you all later. Can't wait to get home so I can catch up on your guys' blogs.

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