Friday, June 09, 2006

Fashion plate

So the Kid and I went to the Lynnhaven Mall yesterday. For many was rainy (so the pool was out of the question), there was a store I wanted to look in and they have an awesome play area. We hadn't been there in a long while so it was a treat for both of us. I went to this store that I LOVE called H&M. They have kids clothes up to 12 years and they're so stylish, they also have a great adult section that is very reasonably priced. There's a dress I might go back and get for me. I'd been waiting for these capri leggings to come out for the Kid. They are adorable. She got 3 pairs (pink, red and yellow) and 2 dresses, plus a tshirt. She tried them on in the store (I miss the days I could just give her crap to wear, and she'd wear it) and we had a really good time. So then we went and played, had lunch and went home. The Kid had to try on everything again at home and I HAD to take pictures of her. She also picked up a little stuffed bunny at H&M. She calls her Runaway Bunny as that is her book of choice at the moment. So I thought I'd share. She's getting big. The video I mentioned in the last post is of her dancing around in the Mumu type dress. Can't wait to get it on here.

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