Friday, August 25, 2006

Fighting Addiction...

Yes, I admit it. I am fighting an addiction. Many of you know that I'm a recovering caffeine-aholic.
Sad, but true. I know that admitting you have a problem is the first here it is.. I am addicted, to soda. Not the caffeinated stuff, just the regular sugary nectar of life. But like the caffeine, all that sugar affects me in a not so good way. I am a bitch and cranky and I get headaches. I feel lazy and lethargic. I swear, as soon as I get rid of something bad, another one pops up. I'm gonna end up being one of those granola crunchy types...BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE! I love sugar and fat! People, I can't even have too much chocolate because that small amount of caffeine in it adds up and I end up cranky and unable to sleep for two nights.
Life really isn't fair sometimes. Those who knew back in the day, I loved Mt. Dew! I had one everyday in high school. I miss those sweet and glorious days! Mt. Dew, I miss you my dear friend. In recent years, I've switched to Fanta, Sprite and Mug Root Beer, none of the evil caffeine in those. But again, my loves were taken away!
Why is this happening to me? Why are the fates conspiring against me? Is my Karma that bad? Was I so awful in my previous lives?
I am hoping this is the last love to be taken away from me. I'm not sure how much more I can handle. GOD, SAVE ME!

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