Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Through the eyes of a child....

We're in the truck going to Wally's to get the new Bring it On movie for my birthday. I've been a little testy this morning, here's the conversation that ensued....

WonderKid: You're not happy on your birthday Mom?
Me: What WonderKid?
WonderKid: Aren't you happy?
Me: (thinking I miss Mr.Wonder) Yeah, I guess
WonderKid: Tell me what you're happy about...
Me: I'm happy I have you
WonderKid: What else?
Me: I'm happy we have a place to live and food to eat
WonderKid: And what else?
Me: I'm happy we get to go to the pool everyday, happy we have friends...
WonderKid: Good, know why I'm happy?
Me: Why?
WonderKid: Because I have you!
Me: Aww, thanks WonderKid!

It might sound silly, but having her have me list what I was happy about put me in a better mood. It amazes me how sometimes kids just know what we need. I love this girl:


Beth said...

Kids are so brilliant sometimes.

Michelle said...

Aww, she's such a sweetheart! Happy Birthday! Cheer up, he'll be home sooner than you think! (Easier said than done)

tAnYeTTa said...

she is tooooooooo cute. happy birthday~

i have no advice on how to cheer up and make the time go by faster, i'll prolly be calling on you so we can cry together!

operation deployment begins in exactly 30 days! Urrghhhhh! ;(

Heather said...

Toooo cute :)