Saturday, August 19, 2006

WonderKid Issues

Okay, I'm having some issues. I know a while back I did a post on WonderKids attitude and a couple of people said that she was winning. I want to know how I stop this from happening?! The first word out of her mouth lately is No, either that or she's sassying me or giving me attitude. That's only part of the problem...if she wants something (mostly food) she wants it right then or she'll die. And if I ask her to wait, she's continually bugging me until I go get it. And then there's the trying new foods thing...don't get me started on that one. Can anyone give me advice on any of things? I'd really appreciate it!


dani said...

shirley has got that no thing down i know how mom felt when we did it..remember how we would say no but get up and do it anyway? (that is usually what shirley does) mom would always throw a fit and we would sat we were just joking and that we are gonna do it and she would be like why cant you just get up and do it instead of saying no and getting me angry...i guess rye takes after us.

i believe it might be a phase. the main thing, i think, is if she does it. at first try just ignoreing it and but if she doesnt just get up and lead her to what she needs to do.

as far the does God teach you patience? by not giving you what you want right away. you know she wont die if she doesnt get it. just tell her when it is snack time of mealtime and she will have to wait for that and ignore her whining and crying. its hard believe me i know. remember feeding her when ever she wants could lead to her being chubby (i didnt want to say fat).

trying new food- give her dinner..lets say chicken, corn, and noodles...lets say she doesnt like corn or has never tried the noodles before. tell her she needs to try one bite before she says she doesnt like it, how does she know she doesnt like it unless she tries it first (that has worked with shirley and she ends up liking most of it). dont let her get down from the table until she tries the first bite. if she doesnt eat all of it the first time its ok as long as she trys the first bite. dont let her eat anything but whats on her is ok for her to go to bed hungry, it wont kill her, my kids are still alive and they have gone to bed hungry plenty of times because they refused to eat what was on their plate. remember it take 10-15 times before they get used to it. it has taken along time of putting corn on shirleys plate before she would eat all of it and say she liked it but she eats it all now without a fit (usually).

kim, its ok to use some of the things mom and dad did with us. remmeber we would have to sit at the table until we finished. i remember sitting there for a long time sometimes. we turned out great (at least thats what i think)!

can you tell who my problem child it?

Michelle said...

I agree w/alot of what Dani said. I remember my parents making me sit at the table until I ate all my meat or peas. By the time I ate it, they were cold and nasty. So the next time, I just ate it right away.
I also have read that your kids have to eat what you are having. That you shouldn't make 2 meals. If they don't eat what you make, then they don't eat that night. I can see if you make something totally spicy that Rye can't eat, but if you make lets say meatloaf and she won't eat it...too bad. Thats what is for dinner. Don't make her something else. Eventually she'll try it. When she does eat it make sure you PRAISE her and make BIG deal about her trying new foods. Kids love Praise. The more praise the better.
Every time she tries somethign new, just become her cheering section. WE do that w/Emmalyn and she loves it@!

Heather said...

I think you know how I feel about the "no" thing. Yes, it is a phase as far as her acting on will go away for a while-unchecked and uncorrected only to come back in full force when she is a teenager and then it will be out of control and uncorrectable. She has two Biblical rules to follow Obey and Respect her parents, and if these are not followed they need to be "corrected" immediately in love, not anger. You will def. see results. God loves us too much to tolerate rebellion...the Bible says it is as witchcraft. Consistancy in this area IS A MUST. We can't just correct them until we see good results and then back off...they feel secure in knowing that boundary is not going anywhere when it comes to testing your God-given authority in her life. I know not everyone agrees with me, and that is fine..I 100% trust and believe the Bible ...and have experienced a taste of the blessings of having Brianna respect and obey Brian and I. This is a must before she can be expected to be able to respect and obey God for the rest of her life. I love you my friend, I love you enough to tell you that if you don't get a handle on it will never be able to. You are the must win at all costs. If you have slacked, it will take about 3 days of consistent continuous correction EVERY TIME she willfully disobeys or disrespects you. It will be hard, and you will want to give in to her...this is not love. Giving in to her is not what is best for her. You can do it Kim :) I would sit her down like you did before and explain to her that things are going to change....praying for you :) Love, heather