Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Makeover Treatment

Not only is our apartment getting a mini-facelift today, in honor of Mr.Wonder's return home. But I got my own little makeover, compliments of WonderKid. We didn't you real make up or anything, so no hilarious picture to show. Some of the stuff she said though just cracked me up so I wanted to document it.
I got this mini brush set with a Mary Kay order and I let her have it. She is in love with this thing. So, I'm laying on the bed, giving my back a rest because I did some heavy lifting and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hurting tomorrow and she comes in and says she wants to give me a makeover. I say sure, go ahead. First thing out of her mouth is (I swear I'm not kidding), "First thing, we'll polish your moles." I was trying so hard not to laugh because she was being so serious. So she look the little lip brush and rubbed ever little mole and bueaty mark she could find. She also polished my nose, my chin, my toe nails and my finger nails. She then had the lip brush again and said, "I'm going to clean up your eyelashes so they're sparkly, this might tickle a little so hold still." When it was over and she deemed me ready she said I could get up and check myself in the mirror (after she took a minute to fluff my skirt for me), when I looked in it she said, "You look super stylin'!" I said thanks to her and said, "Just so you know, you just got the full makeover treatment. Let me know when you want one again, come back and we'll polish your teeth." The kid is hilarious! Though, maybe I should look into getting some Simply White Night if she's thinking I need my teeth polished. ;)
Dolled Up


Heather said...

LOL!!!!!!! I looooove it "polish your moles" that is just too funny. I could barely read on!

tAnYeTTa said...

toooooo cute :)

Beth said...

Your daughter is hilarious.