Monday, August 07, 2006

Unusual napping..

So, this afternoon was entertaining. WonderKid was on the computer playing her Dr. Suess ABC game that she got from her Nana (my Mom, thanks Mom...she loves it!). With this game you can either have the ABC book read to you or you can play an inter-active game with it. WonderKid chose to have the book read to her. As it came up to the N page, I noticed that she was pretty quiet over I came to check on her and this is what I found:
I could not believe that she'd fallen asleep in the computer chair. I picked her up to go and lay her down and she stayed asleep..keep in mind that this is at 4pm, she should not be taking a nap, but I did wake her up early (we starting to get ready for school), so I wasn't too put off. I laid her down in my bed, thinking she might stay asleep and she woke up and sleepily said, "I'm still playing my game Mommy." I said, "But Hunny, you fell asleep.." At this point she get angry, "No I didn't, I can still play my game!" So she got up and laid back down in the chair to "play" her game. I'm pretty sure she'd have fallen back asleep if she hadn't asked for some applesauce to snack on. On the upside, hopefully that little cat nap won't mean she's going to bed late.


dani said...

takes after her dad--can fall asleep anywhere!

Beth said...

That is so funny! The Girl has randomly fallen asleep on the couch, but never anywhere cool like that. Great picture!

tAnYeTTa said...

hi--found u thru crazy hip blog mamas. i love the photo of your daughter sleeping in the computer chair. that is toooooo cute :)