Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot Muggy Death!

Heat, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Without it we'd freeze our tushes off in the winter, probably die of frostbite, we'd take freezing cold showers, we'd eat only raw meat (even the thought of that disgusts me) and lets not forget hot beverages (cocoa, tea, COFFEE!) And I'm sure SOME people (I've yet to meet any) love humidity. Without it some varieties of very pretty plants and flowers wouldn't grow....though in the humidity you can get some nasty bugs *shudder*, but my point....When you place these two things together, the heat and the humidity.....HELL IS UNLEASHED! For the last week Virginia has become as close to hell as I ever want to get. By 11 am it's 93 degrees, by 5 pm it's 103 degrees. And that's not even counting the heat index!! As if 103 isn't hot enough, you add heat's good friend humidity and it feels like it's 1 freakin' 10! I can tell you this, humidity is not my friend, oh's probably not the friends of any woman who doesn't have pin striaght hair either. We all loathe this humidity fellow (we all know it's a man, another woman would NOT do this to her sisters.) You're getting ready for the day, even with the air conditioning (thank you Lord for that invention) you don't want to turn on a hair if you're like me, you've been going for the "wavy" look just so you only need the hair dryer on long enough to dry your bangs. You use as little makeup as humanly possible to make yourself look decent. Then you step outside and it's all shot in 10 seconds flat. Youre hair frizzes up so that your "wavy" look just look like a ball of fuzz atop your head and the little makeup you've put on has melted off your face and you're looking at it in a puddle on the's staring back up at you like, "What did you expect me to saty up there all day? HA, I'm taking the day off and heading to the pool!" So there's no point in doing you feel like a slob, you try not to go anywhere. You stay at home in your pjs and go to the pool. Those are my days people...I can't wait for the fall and winter. To wear clothes again, have my makeup stay in place and just the slightest bit of frizz at the part (I can deal with that little bit). Argh, but don't get me started on the rain and the freezing wind...hhmmm, typical female, I'm never satisfied. Hee Hee!


Beth said...

I love heat, but thankfully have never really had to deal with humidity. The heat in Cali was dry as a bone. And I loved it. I loved being able to wear shorts and a bikini top and not freezing my tush off. If it got below 87, I was back in capris and t-shirts. I know, I'm weird. The summer I was pregnant with The Boy, I wore pants and hoodies everyday. But that's because I worked in the bank with Hot Flash Girl who had the AC on so cold even the customers complained. And for a girl like me who likes it hot, it SUCKED!!!

momofallboys said...

I am with you Kim. I HATE the heat.Ahh the thought of going outside right now kills me and I dont have AC, but it also isn't as hot here as it is there. The heat sucks, humidity sucks. I like the fall oh and spring when I can wear clothes and make up, but not winter I dont really like wearing all those layers. Makes me look fat. Ok that's my two sence.

Heather said...