Monday, August 03, 2009

Smokin' Hot Challenge

For the next three months my sisters, my best friend and I have decided to challenge ourselves to become SMOKIN' HOT!    We'll be posting weekly (Sundays or Mondays) to share our weeks progress.  Wether it be a new healthy recipe we liked, how many pound/inches we've lost, struggles we've faced, changes we've been noticing.  I challenge all my friends and family to join in.  I haven't been feeling great lately...not liking my body, having little energy, not sleeping well.  I want to change that.  Eric and I are trying to plan a romantic weekend when he gets home and I want to look and feel my best for him and for me.  
My sister Heather has added a Mr. Linky something or other to her blog that can help us all stay in touch with each other through this challenge.  If this is something you've been meaning to get around to, join us and get the support that is so helpful to have.
For myself I have gotten the exercise series P90X and plan on using that through out the challenge.  I probably won't be sticking to the meal plan too much.  I don't know that I want to lose any weight, I just want to tone up and gain some muscle.  So the only change to my diet, at first, will be not snacking after 7pm.  I know that once I start working out I tend to start eating healthier as a if that happens, that's cool but I'm not going to be strict about it.
I have taken my before shot.  But I won't be posting that puppy until i have something to compare it to.  Hehe.  

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Heather said...

Have you started working out yet? Ihope to start today. Keep your fingers crossed. Derek is home today so he will puch me to go sign up at the gym.
Oh no eating after 7pm that is a good one I really shoudl do that but I love my snack while watching my shows, hmmmm.