Monday, August 03, 2009

SHC-Day 1

Okay, I didn't get up early like I had planned to workout.  I'm hoping once I start sleeping better I'll be able to get up in the morning.  I forced myself to do my workout after Rye went to school.  It took everything I had to do it.  BUT I DID IT!!  My Chest & Back workout video includes 2 reps, but I could only manage 1.  I know I'll get better as I progress through the program.  I'm already having a hard time lifting my full water bottle so I know my muscles got a workout today.  the second part of the schedule today was the Ab Ripper X.  I could only get through the 1st 4 exercises.  I am not discouraged though.  I WILL GET BETTER!
I did decide to make another change in the diet area besides the no snacking after 7pm.  I want to try and cut back on the Mt. Dew.  I will not say get off of it, not yet...but that will be my ultimate goal.  Right now I'd like to get down to one 20 oz. a day.  And I'd also like to start drinking more water.  
P90X TIP OF THE DAY:  You should be eating every few hours while you're awake, favoring small meals & snacks. 

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Heather said...

Well I got the eating every few hours down.
Good for you are working out, It hink I am going to start walking, then in two weeks add my workouts. Then after I feel a little better about myself maybe start at a gym.

Good job on working out even though you feel yucky, take some ibprophin (sp) and a hot bath.