Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SHC-Day 3

So I took a break today. Not with the eating part, I've actually been doing really well with that today.  Lots of small snacks and not over emotional eating.  It's 1445 and I've only had half a Mt. Dew so far.  I am very proud of myself.
I decided to take a break from the physical part today because I am sore everywhere.  I know this is an extreme workout regimen but I still have to physically be able to care for my children and my home.  So I took a break today and I'll start where I left off tomorrow.  I think my body needs the rest.  I will probably take a long walk to the park today so I get some sort of exercise in.  
I had started my video after dropping Rye off at school, but then a friend stopped by and we talked for a bit.  After she left I started the video back up and I realized the band I have were too much resistance.  I wouldn't be able to do the workout.  I went and got some dumbbells at the MCX, a good starting weight for me and I'll go up from there.  Tomorrow. 
So, that's it for me today.  I am feeling much better emotionally today.  My Evening Primrose Oil has been helping me a lot.  I feel almost normal.    

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Heather said...

That is good don't puch it to much. you just stated so take it easy at first.
I finally updated on my blog.