Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I am feeling weak today.  Not just physically, but emotionally.  I think it's all stemming from that blessed time of month we women endure.  I feel fat and bloated.  I feel like nothing I'm doing will make a difference.  I'm at my wits end with my chicas today.  I know it's all from PMS, but even knowing that's what it's from, does nothing to help the feelings abate.
I'm just feeling low right now.  It's just started in the last hour or so.  I've felt the tension with the girls building throughout the day but the rest just kind of hit me.  It shouldn't surprise me, it happens every month...but I never seem to expect it.
I hate that I'm taking it out on Rye and Jo, especially Rye.  I HATE IT!


Layla said...

when my girls are driving me crazy, I put them in a bath together, they play, and I sit on the bathroom floor and try to de-stress.Something about being in water usually calms us all down. (hugs)tomorrow is a new day

Heather said...

Hey girly don't even think about the working out not making a diff it has only been 2 days. You will buff and sexy in no time.
And I like that idea of the bath that is what I do with Wyatt or i stick him in the sprinker for an hour.
I totally hear ya on the pms I get it bad, espically not being on my meds.

Kimi said...

thanks guys.
heather-i know it's only been two days...i didn't really expect to see results that fast. i was just uber emotional. thanks for the words tho.
layla- thanks for the idea. i might try it, but rye's usually out of the house most of the day, just not yesterday cuz she was home sick from school.