Saturday, August 08, 2009

SHC-Day 6

Okay, I might have to stop putting numbers on these things.  It's taking me 20 minutes to figureout if I have the right number on here.  Hehe.
I took a break yesterday, I didn't need it...physically or mentally.  But it's Yoga X and your supposed to be in a calm environment.  I didn't get to it in the morning before the girls got up (Rye had no school!  Not even a full week of school and they already have a day off.  Then they have another Friday off in a couple of weeks.  Ridiculous!  Another post...) and as I stated in a previous post, I don't do well with exercising at night.  So I did it today while Rye was out playing and Jo was napping.  I could only make it through the first half hour.  I have never claimed to be flexible but ye-ouch.  The video is an hour and a half long.  I will definitely try and push myself farther every time.  I have learned that I like the weight lifing side of workout more than the stretchy side.  I have Legs & Back tomorrow, then one called Kenpo X, which I think is like kick-boxingy stuff.  I am looking forward to that.  I loved Billy Blanks Tae Bo.
Heather encouraged me to take my measurement to go along with my before pictures I took.  I had totally forgotten about those.  So I took them today.  I had a section in my p90x book for them...I added one measurement (my love handle area, haha) and measure my thighs in a different area than they suggested.  I measured them higher, around my "trouble area".
So, where as, I won't show you my before picture I will write down my measurements.

Before Measurements
CHEST: 33.5"
WAIST: 28"
HIPS: 37.75"
RT THIGH: 21.25"   
LFT THIGH: 20.75"
RT ARM: 10.5"
LFT ARM: 10.75"

THIGHS:  It said to measure mid thigh, but I did mine higher, where it gets bad. :(
ARMS:  It says to measure while your arm is flexed.  Measure at the peak of your bicep.

Okay, onto other stuff.  I am having a can of Mt. Dew.  It's now 2 pm.  I have found that I can go until late afternoon without having one, having water instead.  I feel better that way.  I am going to try and only have this one can, but I won't get mad at myself if I break down and have one more.  It is my birthday after all.
Tonight Rye will be at her friends house.  I plan on spending the night of my 31st year having a drink and either catching up on DVR'd Tv or playing Pastry Passion.
Oh yeah, I did find my Celebrity Inspiration.  I have two.  The first is Elle Macpherson.  Here's a picture.

And before you say anything (as Heather and Beth did) I do not already look like this.  Clothing hides a lot my friends.  But hopefully I'll look closer to this in 90 days. ;)
The second one is Jenny McCarthy, here she is.

I'm not sure that she's as close to my body type as Elle is.  You can see that Elle has a thicker trunk.  I am very wide from the front of my rib cage to my spine.
I just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

Both pics are great...I feel you will look like Elle very soon!! I also love the mermaid picture!!


Layla said...

I was thinking Charlize Theron would be a good one for you, her body is bangin!