Monday, August 10, 2009

SHC-Week 1

Well, week one was quite success full.  When you factor in that I was going from no routine at all.  I did factor in a couple more rest days than the p90x plan called for but I do feel is was for the best.  I don't want to over do it and end up hurting myself.  I plan on getting as much in as I can over this next week.  I might skip the 'rest' day the plan has laid out and start back in to get on track.  We'll see how I'm feeling.  I did the Leg & Back routine today, along with Ab Ripper X.  I got farther in the Ab video with I'm proud of.  That thing kicked my butt, well, my abs. ;)  I only did the L&B for one set.  I'm going to try and get through both sets this coming week.  I'll probably have to cut back on the reps per set but I am improving and that's what matters.  My attitude has been much better these last few days and I am cutting down from 1 20 oz. Dew to 1 12 oz. can.  We'll see how that goes.  My water intake has been going well.  My eating habits are still pretty much crap but I'm thinking about working on it.  Hehe.  I will try and cut back on the eating out this next pay period.
I have my celeb inspirations picked out: Elle Macpherson, Jenny McCarthy & Charlize Theron (good call Layla, she was on my list but I couldn't find any good pics of her).  Just a little something to aspire too.
Well, I think that's it for now.  Say a prayer for us here in the Aloha State.  We have a hurricane headed for us.  It's supposed to hit in the next couple of days.


Heather said...

wow I will toatlly keep you in my parayers hope the hurricane just passes you by.
Good job on the working out. And great job on the soda you think you feel good now when that is out of your system you will feel so much better.

Layla said...

You are awesome! You are gonna look soo smokin hot! hopefully that hurricane will turn into a tropical storm, most do...but be prepared for lots o rain, ahh i'm missing wet tropical weather, i'm like a dehydrated raisin up here in the high desert.