Tuesday, August 04, 2009

SHC-Day 2

So, yesterday after I worked out, as my muscles tightened up a bit, I started noticing my posture more.  I've always had bad posture and have always wanted to better it.  I think these workout might help me in that department.  I'm trying to keep more aware of it.  It's hard though.
I haven't done my workout yet today.  It's lower body, called Plyometrics.  I'm going to get it in when Joe is napping.  
I have to say, I am so glad that I only did half the workout yesterday.  I am way sore today but not enough that I can't function.  As I have some cleaning to do today I'm glad.  I don't feel my abs at all though, so I'm thinking I should have pushed that a little more.  I think I have abs again tomorrow, so I'll tray and hit that a little harder.  I think this first week I'll be doing half workouts.  Then I'll try and go full next week.
Food wise, I didn't do horrible, but I wasn't stellar either.  I had a ding dong last night.  I could say that I ate it before remembering that I wasn't supposed to be snacking but that's a lie.  I ate it anyway.  I'll try and be better tonight.  I did decently with the Mt. Dew.  I had 1 1/2.  I stopped myself halfway through the second one when my headache had receded.  Today I am planning on drinking half of my one earlier in the day and the other half later.  Hopefully that will keep me to one today.  I did stick to smaller meals/snacks though.
Update:  I did some of my workout today.  Not even close to the whole thing.  I didn't realize my legs had gotten so weak.  I'm going to have to take a walk to jog tonight to make up for how little I did today.  Yet my legs still have that wobbly feeling.  I am definitely not a exercise in the afternoon kind of person.  I need to get it done in the morning.  I need to remember that.


Danielle said...

way to go on working out! i should probly work out soon. chris has a bowflex and a sationary bike in his garage...which is like 100 degrees in there!

as to the mt dew. you could keep it out all day and take a few sips here and there. that is what i do and sometimes i find i dont even finish a 20 ounce. another option would be to, when you have a snack in the afternoon or morning or when ever you usually drink it..just pour half into a glass and drink it and put the other half away.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Kim!! I am trying not to eat past 8...not working so good. I did better tonight...just had cottage cheese!