Monday, May 08, 2006

14 things about my Mom...

I was tagged...Here are 14 things I love about my Mom....
1. She love to smile.
2. She has a sensitive heart.
3. She loves to do for others.
4. She raised 5 crazy girls & and helped to make 5 wonderful women.
5. She's loved my Dad for almost 40 years (not that hard though, Daddy's great!)
6. She loves God, even if she doesn't make it to church all the time.
7. She loves to laugh.
8. She makes beautiful quilts, she has such a gift.
9. She loves to plan (even if it doesn't all get done.)
10. She gives great hugs (and loves to teach the kids how to give them too!)
11. She's always willing to open her home up to us when we need it.
12. She loves her family, even when we forget to show that love back to her.
13. She makes the best deviled eggs & potato salad, EVER!
14. She's always willing to forgive.
Happy Mother's Day Moms!
Ok, I tag...
Heather (sister)

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