Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kindergarten, here we come!

Well, the kid (formerly known as Monkey) had her physical for Kindergarten yesterday. It went surprisingly well. She did very well when they weighed and measured her. She is 41.5 inches tall, she's grown 2.5 inches this year (and 2 of that was inthe first 6 months.) She weighs 34 pounds, it would have been more than that butI have a feeling her puking the day before helped any. She's usually 35 or 36 when I weigh her at my friends house. The only hard part was her shots. She had to get 2, one in each leg...which she tells everyone, now that it's over. She got all mad when I told Hub (formerly known as Hunny) about it on the phone. She goes, "Mom, I'm supposed to tell him, give me the phone." She only cried when the guy got up close to her to do it. Soon as he was done, she was fine. This morning however, her legs were a little stiff and sore...she was so dramatic about it. It was hilarious. Like she woke up crippled or something. She wouldn't take any Tylenol to help ease the pain. So I put some warm wash cloths on them for a little bit and that seemed to help. When she got up off the floor from eating her cereal...she said excitedly, "Mom, I can get up on my own!" Like she'd been delivered a miracle from heaven. So we just have to get her a hearing test and she's set for school next year. I know we'll probably end up in NC but I'm hoping they won't make her take another physical, that the Virginia one will be enough. I don't see why not.

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