Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mounting frustration...

What is the point of planning anything (mentally or physically) when your husband is in the military???? There isn't one!!! It never goes as planned, NEVER! Hub was told today by the career planner that his recommendation did go up through the chain. He can still submit his request for the lat move but there's a 99% chance that he won't get it. I just assumed that since he passed the board (albeit barely) that he'd get the move. I guess not. So, he's submitting the request but he's not planning on it going through. That means he stays in the infantry and we figure out where we want to go. Upside, we'll probably go back to the west coast...downside, there go all our plans of paying off our bills. We're still going to pay them off, it's just oging to take way longer. I know God has his plans and that he'll take care of us no matter where we go...I don't know why this is affecting me so bad. I serioulsy feel like bawling my eyes out right now. It's like they're telling me that Hub isn't good enough for them, when they'd be lucky to have him. He'd be perfect for that job. I know he's upset, though he's acting like it's no big deal. I just had all these plans and now they're gone. Poof! Just like that! Am I supposed to learn something from this? Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!? I just want a better life for us. Is that too much to ask? Could I feel any lower?


Heather said...

Hey Kim, I know that is frustrating :( That happened to us when we found out that we were going back to 29..I was near devastated, but it turned out that after the war started, that was the only place that we could have been stationed that Brian would not have been deployed. He would have missed the birth of Brianna! Not to mention, Brian completely turned his life around when we found Calvary Baptist Church. "Lean not unto thine own understanding"...soooo hard to do, I know. I will be praying that you will rest in the peace of knowing He is the one opening and closing the doors all in your best interest. *sigh* sorry for your disappointment :( love you- heather

Beth said...

Jeremiah 29:11. 'Nuff said.

And oh yeah. I posted.

Heather said...

That is so good Beth sooo true
"God in His wisdom always thinks of the end.
1. The path may seem straight and narrow - at the end is eternal glory.
2. I may walk the path of suffering, but at the end is eternal joy.
3. I may deny myself and take up my cross to follow Him now. The end is a crown of righteousness - His kingdom." sermon notes