Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dear, Diary

Dear Diary,
Today was the most sassy day at school! Boo didn't speak to me all day. I swiftly forgot my homework for math class. My new friend Hub isn't talking to me anymore. And to top it all off, I forgot my lunch, so I had to borrow money to buy lunch. I hate borrowing money, I hate forgetting my homework, and I hate it when my friends don't talk to me! Holy Hot Shorts Batman!! I hope tomorrow is a better day!
Dear Diary,
Everything was much better today. Boo wasn't mad at me; she was just upset because her parents would not let her go to a party. She was spritely toward everyone. My math teacher said she'd only take one point off my homework because this was the only time I'd ever forgotten anything. She said everyone makes hot pink mistakes sometimes. My new friend Hub is talking to me. He was just busy helping out a sick friend. He had to gather all of his friend's homework. My friend who loaned me the money for lunch yesterday said I didn't have to pay him back, because I had loaned him money for lunch a while ago. I hope every day is a good as today!
Go ahead. Make your own madlib!! You know you want to.

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