Thursday, April 27, 2006


You know how I posted that verse today, the one that kind of jumped out at me this morning while doing my reading. Well, if I had any doubt in my mind that I need to know that verse and hide it in my heart it was put to rest this afternoon. When I was driving to pick up Monkey from school I was listening to KLOVE (positive, encouraging KLOVE), the only Christian station I've found around here. And a girl got on and and talked about this exact verse and how it has been her verse since high it's helped her through lots of times, reminding her that when she trusts in God and his thankful for what he does for her that her life just makes more sense (I paraphrased that). It really made me happy that I listened when God told me that this was the verse for me right now. Don't you love when that happens. I'd read the verse before, but I think this translation put it into a new light for me. Just wanted to share.

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Heather said...

Kim!! I have so much catching up to do!!! I am going to read and catch up RIGHT NOW!! :)