Sunday, April 23, 2006

leaps & bounds

Well, apparently the brilliant charts I made are having a positive influence on Monkey. Friday when I picked her up from the preschool, her teacher said that Monkey continues to surprise her everyday with how much she knows and doesn't let on about it. In layman's terms, that means that she'd rather have you do something for her or tell her the answer and not put too much effort into it. =) Her teacher asked if I'd been doing anything new and I told her about the new charts. She said they were a great idea and that I'm teaching her independence and it's showing through into other stuff. She's not acting up as much. Seems like she's wanting to show how much of a big girl she is. She's being better about talking in a nice voice when she's upset. I've seen such changes in her in the last few days. Here's hoping that it lasts.
And today, Monkey learned how to buck her shoulder seat belt that goes through her booster seat, ALL BY HERSELF! I can't believe how big she's getting. Pretty soon I'll be hearing, "Mom, can I borrow the car? I've got a date." (sob sob) The time just goes by so fast.


dani said...

oh my gosh...your daughter acts out in pre-school? i wish my shirley would show her true colors in school-her teachers say she IS so well behaved! how crazy is that? the only time she ever did anything bad was she pushed someone when they tried to take her turn on the computer.

Beth said...

Yeah, The Girl is an angel at school too. At home? Not so much. I want you to make me some charts like that. I want you to draw me cute little pictures like you have on there. PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE?!?!?!

MrsWndr said...

dani- I didn't mean that she was acting out less at pre-school, i meant that she was acting out less at home.