Thursday, April 27, 2006

Teacher Conference

So, I went to Monkey's school a little early today and had a conference with her teacher. Who is totally awesome. She's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met and Monkey just adores her. I think enrolling her in this preschool was one of the best decisions I've ever made. So, back to the story. The conference went great. I always have the feeling going into these things like I'm waiting to see the principal, you know that feeling? I get so nervous, like they're going to tell my kid is from the devil and I should really think about putting her back in the womb. Of course, if they said this I would think they were smoking something at recess, as my daughter is an angel sent straight from heaven. But I digress...Mrs. Stolz said that Monkey is improving so much. That just recently it's like everything is clicking with her. She thinks this may be because she's one of the younger in the class. She told me that Monkey is always on a very even keel. That she doesn't have many 'outbursts' in class and she's usually in a good mood. And that since her little buddy, Ryan, left that she's been doing great with playing with new kids. She said that when he was here that it was usually him being more dependant on her. Go figure, my little girl is independant. She gave me a sheet that lets me know what areas I need to continue to encourage in. We still need to work on her letters a little, writing and recognizing them. When we move I need to be better about getting her to memorize our phone number and address. So she can tell someone if she's in trouble or needs me. Mrs. Stolz had some nice comments she added on here about Monkey...I must share a few.
"Monkey is a sweet girl. She is always a happy child."
"Monkey has made great strides."
"Monkey is really making progress. She is really doing well with numbers."
I am so proud of her. It was nice to be albe to talk with Mrs. Stolz. We chatted about the upcoming move and how I can make that and Hunny's leaving easier on her. She gave me a lot of helpful tips to strengthen Hunny and Monkey's relationship before he leaves again. So I'll be happy to share this with Hunny when he gets home this evening. Ah, and it's his story time tonight. Bonding!
bunny trail: I bought a new camera and camcorder (one of the cool ones that records straight onto DVD) today so we can start getting pictures and video of the two of them together so she has something to see him with while he's gone.

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dani said...

record him reading stories so when he is gone she can watch them at story time and give you a reading break.