Saturday, April 15, 2006

What's in your purse?

Took this from Boo's site. So here's what's in my black Old Navy purse that I've been using for a few months (I change periodically). And for some reason I cannot hit enter when I'm writing a post so it will just be one long list...(Eureka, I fixed the enter problem, I don't know how but I did it)
In the front pocket we have: a coupon for a free kid cone at DQ, a pack of beauty blotters from Mary Kay, a small ostrich toy, bonnie bell lip lites in cappuccino, a hair tie,a gum wrapper, a receipt from navy fed, and some softlips chap stick in french vanilla(spf 20).
In the main pocket: sunglasses, hand repair cream in black raspberry vanilla from b&bw, a brochure for the children's museum of VA, my tanning goggles, a copy of life & style weekly magazine, refresh drops for mis ojos, a baby lion toy, my checkbook with pics, and envelopes filled with money (i will not reveal those vast amounts), a travel degree ultra clear deodorant, my vip card for tropical smoothie cafe (best wraps ever!), another hair tie, softlips chapstick in cool cherry, some bits of trash, another receipt from navy fed and 42 cents in change.
In the side pockets: benefit's dr. feelgood (de-shiner for my face) and two girly products.
While I wrote this I took the liberty of cleaning out said purse, so it is now more manageable. Okay, so the in-laws have been here since Wednesday and things have been really good. Except for Hunny's grumpiness at not being able to dip whenever he wants (he won't do it in front of his folks). I will write more later. I have some cute pics of egg dyeing and making some Easter bread.
So, I'm off to shower before we head to the Aquarium.

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