Friday, April 07, 2006

My mirror...

Holy wake up call, Batman! Monkey woke up from a late nap and has been so crabby. Crying incessantly, for no reason, what so ever! We kept telling her to use her words, that there was no reason to be crying, that if she wanted to cry to please do it in her room because we didn't want to hear on and so forth. When she finally calmed down a bit, she called (actually whined at the top of her lungs after giving me 1 milli-second to respond) me to start a movie. I asked if she could use her big girl voice to call me and she started tearing up. I looked at her and said, "Hunny, why are you so emotional right now?" She looked up at me with this look of confusion in her eyes and wailed, "I don't know!" That's when the mirror smacked me in the face. There have been so many times I have wailed that very thing to Hunny after crying on his shoulder for no reason at all. I just get into these moods when I'm like a raging ball of emotion. I can't control it, they just come and over take me. I'm moody all day, then I get depressed, then I cry. God forbid she has these bouts. I HATE them! They make me feel so useless, like a whiney little girl. I hope I can help her cope with them if she does have them. Mirrors suck!

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