Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fun with the In-Laws!

So, as I said in an earlier post my in-laws are visiting. They are wonderful people that I've come to love dearly. They're visiting for Easter weekend and it's been a blast. They won't let us pay for anything (I'd say it sucks, but I'd be lieing) and they always want to do something. This is great for Monkey. We went to the Children's Museum on Thursday and today we went to the Aquarium, both tons of fun, but sadly I forgot my stinkin' camera both times. Monkey enjoyed both places but was a bit bratty for the first part of the Aquarium because she was hungry. Once we got food in that little stomach she was much better.
We also started two Easter tradition that I hope to carry on through Monkey's childhood. Both Monkey and I learned how to make Easter bread (a Longo familiy tradition) this year. Monkey had a great time so I hope we can do it every year. For those who don't know, Easter bread has salami, ricotta, pepperoni and mozarella layered into a bread. It is so yummy! We also dyed eggs for Monkey's egg hunt that we'll do tomorrow after church. She had a really fun time, didn't want to put her fingers into the dye at first though. It was a princess dye kit so she got to put jewel stickers on after they dried. I hope she has a great time finding them tomorrow.
Hunny and I are going out by ourselves tonight. We're going to a friends house to watch a UFC fight. I think it'll be a good time. Haven't hung out with Hunny and his dudes (without Monkey)for a while. I'm going to make my infamous Taco Salad. I know everyone from my side of the family is going, "Mmmm, Taco Salad" right now. So, it's not really MY infamous taco salad, more like my families infamous taco salad.
So, life is going pretty well right now. We're all hanging out and Hunny has Monday off and the in-laws leave that day too. Then Monkey's school starts back up on Tuesday so life will get back to normal. Not sure yet if that's a good or bad thing. Monkey has loved having her Grandparents here and has asked a couple times if we can move in with them...not sure if I'm at that level yet. =) I'll write more tomorrow about the Easter festivities.


dani said...

ahhh the taco salad that killed uncle bob? have you heard that story?

Beth said...

AUNT MARJIE'S KILLER TACO SALAD!!!!! It was the mayo, I tell ya'.

Erna/Erin said...

Hey, it WAS the mayo...I swear.


Stephanie said...

She's getting so big kimi!!!! I hope she had a fun time with the Easter Egg hunt.