Monday, April 17, 2006

Kid quandary...

I have three issues to discuss (only two have to deal with Monkey, but since Hunny has been acting like a kid, I'll include his too). I'm not really sure how I should deal with these and I'm hoping that some of you may have some great advice for me.
Monkey's attitude has been driving me up the wall lately. It's like every word out of her mouth is said with a snear. I must be involed in everything..."Mom has to do it," "I am talking to Mommy," "I need Mommy!" She can be down right rude to her Dad...not letting him touch her, ignoring him when he talks to her, then when she does reply it's always sarcastic or rude. I can see how much this hurts his feelings. I've talked to her about this but it doesn't seem to help at all. We've started a new thing, when I hear her voice getting nasty..I told her I'll say the word attitude to her and she'll know she needs to watch how she's speaking. Are there any other ideas out there? I think I need to start taking notice of my tone of voice when I speak to her and see if maybe that's where she's picking it up. I'm not sure.
Next issue is Monkey's incessant talking. The girl never stops. Whether she's watching a movie, eating or we're reading a book together, she is usually talking. I'm afraid this may harm friendships as I've seen her chatter through a movie and I can see a look of annoyance coming over the face of one of her firends who's trying to listen. If she's not talking to some one, her toys are talking to eachother or she's speaking to an imaginary someone. I don't really have any ideas what to do with this one. Any ideas would be appreciated.
This last one deals with Hunny. He hasn't been dipping as much since his folks are here because he doesn't like doing it in front of them, which is okay with me. What's not okay with me is when I get the attitude that comes from those withdrawls. He's the same old Hunny with his parents and our daughter...but I get the edge in his voice or the comments that are meant to sting. Others may not here the tone change but I do. I know him too well. I mean, today..I felt guilty because I didn't tell him where the exit was on a drive. Why should I feel guilty when I'm not the one driving?! Then he does this sigh/snear thing that totally says, "How could you not tell me that was coming up? How could you miss that? Where's your head at?" Am I just supposed to act like it doesn't bother me, that his mood swings are okay? Am I supposed to bit@# at him about it so he thinks I'm a nagging girl? I don't know how I'm supposed to handle this. I've told him about it before and he either apologizes or says he wasn't acting any different with me. But it just keeps happening. Help me out here people...
Sincerely Frustrated

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Heather said...

Wow, other than the "daddy rejection" I am struggling with the same very issues :) I'm sorry, I am not much help in this area, but definitely praying for you and Hunny. As far as her daddy, it sounds as if she is either harboring a grudge about something, or she is just "showing" her loyalty to you. Maybe Hunny could take her on a "date" to re-establish their "connection" ?