Wednesday, April 19, 2006


"Sisters...sisters, there were never such devoted sisters..." -The Haynes Sisters

I love my sisters. When we get together (all 5 of us) there usually ends up being a fight of some sort. Maybe it's too much estrogen. But when it's just a mix of 4 of us, doesn't matter which 4...we have soo much fun. I could not stand these ladies growing up, let me tell you. I hated being in our family...but now? Now a part of me would die if anything ever happened to any of them. I am so connected to them, it's scary. I'm sure if must irritate Hunny at some times. When they hurt, I hurt...when they're irritated, so am I. I hate when I see them in stupid situations that they got themselves into (Yella is famous for this) and they're suffering in some way because of it. When one is goofy and we're all together, we all get goofy.
Like right now...4 of us are chatting in a room and it's stinking
hilarious. It's like we feed off of each other. I SO wish we lived closer to each other, but then we might get on each others nerves. Actually, I guess I wish we could get together more often. I miss having them around. I miss my mis-guided pre-21 phase. Living with Pup and livin' it up. I miss being crafty and scrapping with them. They always give me such great ideas.
I live for my family, not just Hunny and Monkey. But my sisters and my moms and pops too. My heart is seriously hurting right now and I'm getting all misty. I miss them so much. They all have such different things that I love. This list is not to say that there are not more things that I love about each of them, or that the others don't posses the quality that I love in one of them. These are just the ones that come to mind. Campbell's wisdom. Pup's innate sense of knowing what I'm thinking and usually being on the same page as me, in everything. Yella's heart, it's so big, that gets her in trouble sometimes. And Boo...her sense of humor, she's so goofy, just like me when I get going. She's pretty stinking smart too. Ah, family!
sidenote: if you want to see some funny family pics check out my sisters site.


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